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Stainless Steel BBQ Fork Thermometer Food Thermometer


Product Specifications

Model: TS-BN60

Name: Electronic barbecue fork thermometer

Material: Imported 304 stainless steel probe; ABS plastic shell

Size: 34.5*3.2*2.6CM

Probe length: 12.5CM

Temperature range: 0℃~250℃ (32℉~482℉)

Measurement accuracy: ±1℃ (0~80℃), other ranges ±2℃

Application: Special thermometer for meat (beef, veal, lamb, pork, turkey, chicken)

Power supply: AAA*2, not included

Basic functions: automatic shutdown, ℃/℉ display conversion, tweet reminder

Packing list: a thermometer, a manual

Buttons Functions

MEAT button: turn on or turn off the thermometer (long press for more than 2 seconds to turn off); select meat category

TASTE key: select taste (somewhat cooked)

℃/℉ key (in the back cover): In the state of displaying temperature, press this key to switch between ℃/℉ display

Product Features

1. 304 stainless steel probe: food safety, accurate temperature measurement, rapid response, high stability, can quickly measure cold and hot temperatures

2. One-key conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit: multi-function display, one-key conversion of Celsius/Fahrenheit, to meet the usage habits of different people

3. LCD display: LCD display, clear and clear

4. Automatic shutdown: after 10 minutes, no operation will automatically shut down, enter power saving mode, reduce power consumption, and longer battery life

5. For meat: professionally measure the temperature of meat, choose the taste according to your preference

6. The temperature can be preset: the temperature can be preset according to the requirements of different meats

7. Tweet reminder: When the internal temperature of the meat reaches the preset temperature, it will beep reminder, you will never be distressed because of poor memory or sudden forgetting

Product Usage Instructions

1. First press the MEAT button to select the meat, and then press the TASTE button to select the taste (somewhat cooked) according to your preference

2. After selecting, insert the tip of the temperature measuring rod into the thickest part of the meat (do not touch the bone), the insertion depth is at least 2cm

3. Wait about 15~20 seconds for the thermometer to stabilize

4. When the temperature reaches the preset temperature, the thermometer screen will flash and beep

After that, remove the thermometer and you can enjoy your delicious food!


1. After each use, rinse the probe part with warm water and wipe it clean; it is not possible to soak the entire thermometer directly in water for cleaning.

2. After use, please keep the thermometer out of reach of children to avoid being injured by the sharp temperature measuring rod of the thermometer.


Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 360 × 45 × 35 cm



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