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MUQZI MTB Road Bicycle Bottom Bracket Maintenance Tool Kit For BB86/BB30/BB91/BB92/PF30 Press-in Tool


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Bicycle Bottom Bracket Install And Removal tool
Material: aluminum alloy/stainless steel Color: Black/Red/Gold/Silver Weight: 1130G Packaging tool box size: 25*22*7CM Function: Removal and installation of press-fit central axle. Applicable to a variety of press-fit BB bottom bracket specifications, as long as this set can meet all needs for installation and removal Some aluminum sleeves are pressed into the center shaft. When disassembling, there may be a problem that only the center shaft bearing can be removed. Because the force of the tool is on the bearing, the aluminum sleeve center shaft may cause the bearing to come out first. It is bitten on the frame, and the outer edge of the center axle is parallel to the edge of the bottom bracket of the frame. Because the tool cannot be fixed at the bottom bracket, the static pressure tool cannot be used for pressing and dismounting.

Bearing specifications: 6805 (25X37X7) Bearing 6806 (30X42X7) Bearing Press-in BB R92/T86 R30 (BB30 to BB24 converter) Static press-in and removal of PF30, bbright, BB386 and other bottom brackets (sram’s PF30 special bottom bracket) Can be used for the removal and installation of BB86, BB30, BB91, BB92, PF30 and other press-fit bottom brackets It can be dismantled for almost all ordinary hollow threaded central shaft bearings and BB86, BB30, BB91, BB30 to 24, BB92 and other press-fit central shaft inner bearing installation and removal

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