Bionicle : Legends #1 - Island of Doom

Bionicle : Legends #1 - Island of Doom

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Pre-owned paperback fiction from the Bionicle Legends Series titled "Island of Doom", 123 pages


The Toa Nuva return for their greatest adventure yet!

When six powerful figures appear on an island in peril, they are welcomed by the villagers as Toa come to save them. But these newcomers have far more dangerous plans for the island and the Matoran who live there, as their pursuit of an incredible treasure threatens to unleash an ancient evil. Only the Toa Nuva can stop them -- or can they?
Will begin the upcoming three-year story arc featuring the return of the Toa Nuva from the Bionicle Chronicles books.


ISBN13: 9780439745604
ISBN10: 0439745608
Publisher: Scholastic, 2006